Palm leaves in Jamaican Clarendon countryside
What's Wakefield District and Contant Avenue?

Humble beginnings

My story begins in the West Indies. See, I was an 80s baby born in Kingston, but in my very short time in Jamaica, I was raised where the heart of my maternal family lies–Clarendon. "Country," as generalized for rural areas, but Wakefield District, to be exact. I come from very humble, underprivileged beginnings: a large, extended family of farmers, homemakers, and artisans who collectively and lovingly shaped the dynamics of my entire being. And to this day, still do. God blessed me to never feel that I lacked anything, and even if I did, my loved ones would've never let me notice. I owe them everything.


Childhood home in Wakefield District, Clarendon, Jamaica

At 5½ years old, I then migrate to the United States where my mother had already settled in Lodi, New Jersey. On Contant Avenue, to be exact. You can imagine the culture shock to go from rural Clarendon to Jersey suburbia where not many people looked like me–especially at school (I legit do not recall seeing another Black student until about fifth grade)! Nevertheless, having a naturally affable personality–along with a supportive village–provided me the luxury of easily assimilating into American culture. My upbringing was amazingly balanced, with ample opportunity to interact with many different cultures, all while keeping mine at the forefront. I lived my very best Jamaican Jersey Girl life!


Fast forward a few decades (yes, decades) filled with creative awakenings, art and fashion studies, and a humdrum design career in the apparel industry. It has always been a desire to produce a label of my own, but none of my past efforts ever truly felt genuine or exciting. As a creative, I always want to remain true to my essence–playful, laid-back, yet inviting–and what I present to the world must reflect that.


This is where Wakefield District and Contant Avenue come in. Both collections highlight the lighthearted culture of two places that I absolutely love. The aesthetics offer a minimalist, chill vibe which I've stylistically adopted over many years. I love the fit and simplicity of mens clothing, in particular, and each unisex piece is something that I'd grab out of my closet and throw on, on any given day. My artistry is well-embodied in every single graphic I create, and they all have their own story–down to the simple handwritten messages.

closeup of contant avenue blue jersey signature graphic t-shirt


I've single-handedly worked extremely hard in building Wakefield District to ensure that I offer something of value to you all. Quality has been my primary focus, so I've been diligent in creating cool artwork and sourcing choice materials. All garments are made from premium fabrics that yield both softness and durability–you won't be disappointed. As Wakefield District grows, I will continue to do my level best to provide great pieces.


So, for lovers [and likers] of the culture(s), stick around! I have so much more to share with you all and I hope you will enjoy Wakefield District as much as I do.🇯🇲🇺🇸


Althea Michelle